This is all about augmentations of human energy with electric power for cycling
as the most sustainable form of human transportations

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brief report on first test ride

Thanks to rain god, there was a window of opportunity to test my power assisted trike on Wednesday. Three days after that were rainy days.

First part involved steep climb in slippery mud road near my house and so consumed bit more power. 3.94 km consumed 28 Wh averaging 7.1 Wh/km.

first power assist trike trial at EveryTrail

Click on the red button to see the photo taken just before I started from home.

Second part was along same but black top part of the road and basically riding to and fro to compensate climbing power usage. I rode 11.28 km in 43 minutes averaging 15.5 kmph. Power consumption was 56 Wh with Wh/ km average 5.2. This is tolerably good considering trike has three wheels and more rolling resistance. I had pedaled trying to conserve power and I am confident I can maintain this average for tolerably long time.

Shankaranna had asked me tell him when I had put together whole thing. I suddenly remembered this and told him by mobile phone – I am near highway. Come if you are free. He said he will be coming soon. This photo was taken in his mobile phone.

I got drenched by heavy rain due to sudden downpour. Learnt a lesson in this. The throttle in my trike is designed to be mounted horizontally in normal bicycle. So water seeped in because of vertical mount thereby limiting power flow thereafter. It was okay after it got dry.

I could have done much faster. My idea was stretching the available energy. More speed would have meant more power consumption. This was comfortable pace for my leg muscles too. Now I can carry on preparations with more confidence.