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Friday, August 27, 2010

7th day 33 km Family meet, Rest and Maintenance day

Since   I  had  only  33 km  ride, took   my  time  to  pack  up  and  leave  Holenarasipur.  The  roomboy  bought me  dinner  and  morning  tea  to  my  room.  There  was  hot  water  bought  in  bucket and  I  could  take  hot  water  bath  after  many  days.  It  was  good  but  since  I  was  going  to  old  friend  Murthy’s  house  in  Hassan,  this  is something  I  could have had  there also.  I  spent  10 Ah for  the  trip which  is  understandable  considering  Hassan  is  at  higher  altitude  than    Holenarasipura. 

There  was  considerable   climbing involved  and  in  one  downhill  ride  near  Ramasamudra,  I  could  reach  49 kmph  which  was  thrilling  at  the  same  time  it  must  be  one  of  the  highest  speed  recorded  so  far.  

It  was  nice  to  see  family  members  who  came  to  Hassan  to  meet  me.  So   wet and  dirty   clothes  were   replaced  with  clean  clothes.  They  also  could  make  sure  I  am  healthy enough  to   continue  after  a  week  on  the  roads.   

I  am  happy  that  I  could  oil  my  chains   here   and  fix  ribbons  to  my  flagpost.  Thanks  to  Murthy &  family   who  helped  with  this  and  for  their  hospitality.     I  hope  this  will  increase visibility  to  other  road  users. 

I am   still  considering  the    road  options    to  continue.  I  will   generally  go north  and less  attention  paid  on  the  name  of  towns  on  the  way.  While  in  US for  cycle  tour, I  took  even numbered  roads  taking  care  of  the directions.  Over  there  even numbers  have  east  west  direction  whereas    north  south means   odd  numbered  roads.  Similarly    I  will choose  the  roads  depending  on  various  factors, especially  inputs  on  road  condition.

I  am  spending  more  time  on  travel  and  not  interacting  much    with  the  people.  Sometimes  I  feel  it  is  not  worth  it  looking @ the  questions  people  have  on  trike or  electric mobility.  No  intelligent discussion  possible  with  people  who  ask  petrol, diesel, battery or  remote.   When they  put  their  valuation  @  15000 Rupees, I  nod  in  agreement.

The  pamphlet    has  really  helped  as  I  hoped.  I  can  give  it to    people  and  keep  moving.  People  really  interested  do  not  mind  paying  its  cost  price.  Moreover  I  give  it  to people  who  provide  electricity.


Pejathaya said...

Have a great journey!

- Kesari Pejathaya

Ravi Hanj said...

Hi Govind, I understand your concerns regarding questions posed during your journey. There is always a blend of ignorant and innocents. I am glad people didn't ask you to sell the trike! So no worries, keep cruising.

ravihara said...

Fantastic! Really nice to see a person using Recumbent trike here!! It is my dream vehicle.

Wish you all the best in all your travels. Have a fantastic tour.

Ravishankar Haranath

Ravi said...

Hi Govind,

Glad to know you had some quality time with family and a small R&R break. Following your journey closely. Wish you a safe journey as you move north.

Ravi Alangar

Born to Travel said...

Wow what a journey

Have the greatest time and enjoy the ride

Lakshmi Maharaj
South Africa