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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Preparations progressing but still a long way to go....

Yesterday I have booked my ticket to travel to Thiruvananthapura on 17th August. I will have to pedal to Kanyakumari from there, about 90 kms. Nagarkoil which is just 15 km Kanyakumari has a direct train from Mangalore but the timings are not convenient. I will be in Thiruvananthapura 18th early morning. My trip from Kanyakumari will commence on 20th August morning.

Last week I managed to make considerable preparations but still have a long way to go. Main things got done are two battery bags and two camera mounts. I had to go to Puttur and Vitla many times to get these things done.

The camera mount in the front also will carry a back view mirror and my cycle analyst meter will also go there. The earlier position of this meter was diminishing the view of the handlebar mounted back view mirror. So I am removing the cycle analyst meter from there. The front mount may also carry a headlight and colored LEDs.
The batteries are positioned behind the seat in the newly stitched bags. It is vital I can reach them very easily in all circumstances as I have no other battery cutoff installed and throttle or any malfunction mean the trike will start moving on its own.

When we mount camera and we switch it on, it is bound to collect lot of unnecessary footage. Viewing them is a torture and nothing seems to be happening in long distances. So I will be compelled to lug all that trash if I don’t edit immediately to remove them. I tried using Pinnacle software but that needed video conversion which takes lot of time & effort. Not having a support team means I have to do it myself & so wanted to do it as simple as possible. So now experimenting with Windows moviemaker for editing and subtitling purposes.

Ananth offered his BSNL data card for my notebook computer under impression that it has Nationwide roaming but on Monday when I went to local BSNL office I was told different story altogether. NIC card that I had only statewide roaming & nationwide roaming EVDO cards cost 2500 plus activation charges 512 plus two months rental @ 750 per month will come to about 4.5 K but I am not sure it is worth it as EVDO network is available only in big cities & I prefer to stay away from them as far as possible. So have to look for alternatives.

Having sourced trike from UK & motorized wheel from China, my vehicle is unique is many ways. So is this trip & I am talking a lonely walk off the beaten track.

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