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Monday, August 30, 2010

Taking longer break @ Home

It was good thing that I took a break again. I slept like log couple of times intermittently yesterday. I cannot sleep continuously as the staying still even during sleeping creates lot of back pain and that wakes me up.

Many people have written to me, pasted comments and sent SMS but I did not acknowledge most of them. I express my gratitude here for standing by me & regret that I could not acknowledge individually because of ability limitations.

Looking at rains here today, I feel it was good that I took Tamilnadu route. There was considerable rainfall there too but it did not slow me down. Unexpected rain in the evening did make me miserable with wet clothes / socks and assist unit complications but never too serious problem.

Taking the chargers & cables out of pannier bag for mid day charging takes considerable time & effort. I have to loosen all the straps to make this happen. A made to order bag to keep this would have made this job easier. A small change made in Laptop bag today @ Puttur will make laptop and cameras more easiler available. .

Right now, most of blogposts are written at the end of the day and are too general. The change in scenery, food and peoples attitude do not find way to the posting, making it very bland. It looks like a doctors end of day report – saw 30 patients and some had fever and some had stomach ache. I will try to make more mid day notes and maybe this blog will have kannada paragraphs.

Recent comments widget was present in the blog and today noticed it was not working. There was a additional spacing in the code which prevented its working so far and till I left Kanyakumari there was no comments & after that I did not have time to attend to that. So today was able to correct it and was able to do small changes in blog arrangement too.

I am leaving for Bhadravathi on Wednesday morning and next lap of my trike pedaling will commence on following day. Rains and family commitment have now added another day @ home.


pradeepbhalli said...


shivarampailoor said...

I understand your limitations in explaining everything in blog at the end of the day. Doesnt matter, still there are many people like me who would like to read whatever information you provide on your triking. Some of my friends here have enquired about the need of the battery to your cycle. Even I am not having clear idea about how it works. Best wishes to your second leg of trip. Shivaram Pailoor

Shree Kumar said...

A suggestion : you could consider summarizing things like statistics at the end of blog posts. This will give you more time (and space) to talk about the other things you observe.

That said, making a post interesting is a considerable effort in itself - and I well appreciate what you are doing.

Do you maintain a diary ? This could help fill in the gaps after you come back!

Keep going!
-- Shree

Ravi Hanj said...

Rest well. I am sure that your destination do not mind you taking a bit rest. Cheers, Ravi.