This is all about augmentations of human energy with electric power for cycling
as the most sustainable form of human transportations

Monday, July 5, 2010

Another good riding day

Sunday 5 July 2010

Today morning it was sunny but I could start only after 930 and went almost upto Nelyady. I had decided to take a turn soon after consuming 8 Ah power. The slow uphill road was very much inviting and I continued another 3 km. Total distance was about 69 km.

Had to reset the GPS about 2 km from home. So GPS registered 67. 1 km only. Consumption was 15.5 Ah and it was 2 .15 PM when I came home & had lunch. Anil, 17 was at home being Sunday holiday for him, wanted to ride and so I decided to not go out again.

Had to stop about 45 minutes near Valalu because of heavy rain. Today I did not take the charger with me. Had tea in nearby shop there. I am certain that I could convince that chaiwala to allow me little bit charging.

Today total ride time was 3 hours 12 minutes excluding 45 minutes stop for rain. On the way had stopped for 38 minutes. So moving average was 21.7 km and Overall average speed was 18.1 km. the route involved considerable climbing but I cannot accurately account for that.

The dogs nonchalantly watching the road and vehicles going by do not become conscious of the approaching trike. Once trike is very close they act as if they have seen demon and jump backwards and sometimes into ditch. This happened twice so far.