This is all about augmentations of human energy with electric power for cycling
as the most sustainable form of human transportations

Saturday, July 31, 2010

More riding on 31st July

Today was expected to be a rainy day and I had to cancel a longer trike trip. Yesterday I had got a camera mount fabricated in Puttur with mount head from Dinakar’s collection and fabrication under his guidance. So now I have a nice mount that can be fixed to the back side of my trike seat. I had also purchased a rain coat and wanted to check the possibility of trike riding while raining with raincoat on.

Sky cleared up a bit around 11 in the morning & I went to post office to collect mail & postal stationery. Then I decided to continue making full use of sunny day. I had fixed the camera mount and camera but unfortunately it took only a small video shot. I was mistaken that it had recorded the whole trip. The mount seem to be okay but I dont have much experience with mounting camera.

I took some rural roads & it was good ride. I forgot to take GPS and so the data was not recorded. I came home around 1 PM and it started raining immediately afterwards.

Evening it was drizzling. Using the opportunity I wore the new raincoat and started riding. After about 14 km there was heavy rain and I took a U turn. Riding in the rain was fun and comfortable. After rain receding the power unit started giving problems.

Maybe moisture enter somewhere in the circuit and created the problem. I could get some assist but that was not sufficient to climb in hilly areas and I had to put in more effort. Somehow I came closer to home & gradually there was more power available. So I have to make numerous connections waterproof before next time riding in rain.

Total distance was about 47 km and consumed about !0 Ah of power.