This is all about augmentations of human energy with electric power for cycling
as the most sustainable form of human transportations

Monday, July 12, 2010

Deadline rescheduled

I have reset the deadline having postponed it by six days. The development past week have not only slowed down the preparations but also have encountered new problems. The monsoon has become weak and there could be continuous downpour early August.

Feasibility of the trip is now confirmed. My vehicle, trike and the assist motor do match well and having covered 350 km plus I am more confident of my stamina now. It is not in doubt any more. Some issues are still to be sorted out.

I went to Bangalore to get among other accessories, Chain link. That was not available in Decathlon store as I hoped and they directed me to R R Cycle @ Madivala and cost of that 9 speed chain link was INR 450. I do not expect chain problem but is just being ready for emergency.

I also got a Driftvison X 170 Action camera in Bangalore and it was last piece with the dealer. The seller admitted lot of people have examined the camera. Hope it was not mishandled. So far the picture quality is just okay. Here and here are samples taken on new camera.

The Li Ion battery charger is giving problem and I have got in touch with manufacturer in Shanghai. Having faced plenty harassment by Indian Customs, I want to make sure it cannot be repaired here before sending it to China. Our Customs may even suspect warranty replacement as new material.

I have two batteries but only one charger. This is like two old people sharing one set of false teeth. One battery has to wait till other is charged and midnight battery swap will become mandatory during the trip. So I am also working on getting additional charger which will increase my daily range substantially. Then it will also improve success chances as one charger failure will not mean trip cancellation.

I did not want waste a sunny day. So pedaled today for about three hours without battery assist. It was a good exercise. Recumbent cycling means different leg muscles are utilized and it is good to have lot of practice.

The guy who agreed to stitch bags for me fell sick and is admitted to hospital. So I will be getting my bags only after a week or two. So I feel another six days postponement was logical.